Proofreading services and editing services

Proofreading services and editing go hand in hand. These include carrying out a critical analysis on the format layouts and contents of a paper for the purposes of perking up. Professional editors go through a paper and correct it of all mistakes it may contain so as to meet the client’s requirements. When writing everyone is bound to make mistakes here and there but through proofreading this is the paper made appealing, free of errors and of high quality. We offer proof reading services which enables us to maintain good quality paper delivery to our highly esteemed clients. Proofreading process is done by at least two of our highly qualified staff who read through the paper at least twice. Our team of writers is well trained to specialize in proofreading and paper editing. Proofreading comprises of the preliminary, editorial and production phases.
Our proofreading services provide professional editing and proofreading services for business and academic papers, student’s assignments and essays, resumes, books, business plans, web sites, brochures, poems, novels, short stories, PowerPoint presentations and manuscripts. All these services are available 24/7/365. Clients can reach us through live chats, telephone and emails. Students wishing to have their papers edited in APA, MLA, Chicago (Turabian), and Vancouver styles should send their orders to as our team of editors are well trained any of these standard writing styles.
We have been trusted by students, researchers, business people, poets, professors, job seekers, lecturers to do all their proof reading. All our editors follow our proofreading model which helps to achieve quality written papers. It is a rule that editors double read the paper, scan it through a word processor. Most 9of the documents which our editors proofread and edit are normally written Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Portable Document Files (PDF) and Rich Text Files (.rtf). All our editors have passed the proofreading test and this makes them highly qualified in the field. Our main goal is to meet our client’s requirements we proofread and make your work more presentable. Our clients who are not conversant who are not native English speakers need not worry because our proofreaders and editors ensure that you get a standard paper that will make a top achiever. Recently our company started a new proofreading service which helps to proofread and edit papers in others languages such as Spanish and French. We are also in a bid to start proof reading in many other languages to meet the needs of a bigger number of clients. Our quality assurance team is always about quality papers. All papers are therefore run through a plagiarism checker and are delivered to the client on time.
We totally understand that the importance of a well written, grammatically correct, properly- punctuated paper to you, this is why we invite let us deal with all their proof reading needs. In most cases many mistakes pass unnoticed and can only be detected by a trained proofreader who checks the papers for punctuation errors and formatting errors which are the most common among other errors. By making sure that you get the proper sentence structure, formatting and all the consistency issues solved we ensure that your grades are elevated. All our rates are competitively priced and unlimited corrections are done until the clients are satisfied with the results. We invite all clients in need of professional proof-reading services to send their orders to us for specialized proofreading which will give them value for their money.