Personal statement essay

The word essay is derived a French word essayer that means to try. An essay is therefore a written document or an article that tries to express a person’s views, thoughts, feelings or ideologies. All essays are somewhat personal statement since they express a person’s feelings, thoughts and seek to express them collectively on the subject topic. Personal statement essays are opinionated as they discuss an issue on view of the writer’s perspective. Personal statement essays require that quotes are incorporated to enhance the report and support the writer’s perception. If it is an argumentative the writer should ensure that his readers will at the end of the feel convinced as he will lay down all the facts inclusive of the faults of his subject topic.
Personal statement essays are mainly issued to test of the grammar, creativity and expression abilities of the students. All through the essay the spelling and grammar should be correct and especially the quotation marks correctly placed in the essay. Personal statement essays should be written in a consistent tense and an active voice. More important personal statement essays require that the student is specific on their descriptions and uses the same viewpoint. A key point to note is that all essays should be written in first person and should portray a positive attitude. The structure of the essays requires that they are well structured having the introduction, body and conclusion. The thesis statement should be strong enough to support the topic and introduce the same. The paragraphs should not be too long or too short.
Students are often faced with the task of writing a personal statement essay; the instructor is normally out to test their abilities. The personal statement essay handed should therefore be robust and error free. Students lack sufficient time to research on the subject topics and hand in the essays before the set deadline. Many colleges require that a student write a personal statement essay as requirement to have them admitted. The topics that come with personal statement essays are mainly life situations which may seem so simple to write but getting the content always becomes a problem. A student therefore struggles with the word count specified or with the tone of the essay. To express the one’s goals, achievements and perspectives concisely can be problematic as in the course of writing a student always remembers a point that can be essential for the admission board to know. The topic of the essay can be confusing leaving one wondering if he/she should be casual or official. Our writing services provide personal statement essays writing service, a service that saves you this entire headache.
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