Marketing plan

Assignment brief:

You should work individually to develop an outline Marketing Plan of 3000 (-/+ 10%) words for a new E-Commerce Business in Morocco.

Your plan should include:
Marketing Plan Summary
The Business
The Future
The Market
The Finances
The Business
Business overview
S.W.O.T. analysis
S.W.O.T. activity sheet
Sales/marketing personnel
The Future
Vision statement
Mission statement
The Market
Unique selling position
Your customers/clients
Your competitors
Market research
Market targets
Environmental/industry analysis
Marketing strategy
Advertising & sales
The Finances
Expected sales
Marketing budget [YEAR]
Monitoring/measurement activities

Supporting documentation

➢ You should aim to keep the plan brief and succinct; whilst supplementary information may be included within appendices these should not be used to subvert the word limit.

➢ Due credit, weightage and marks will be awarded to students who display traits of creativity and innovation in their business ideas and marketing strategies.

➢ You should briefly present the supporting market information and rationale for your marketing decisions, citing relevant theory. However, theory without application to your business opportunity and its market(s) will not receive a high mark.

➢ You should reference a minimum of 10 sources (theory and/or market information: not lecture material or general websites). Referencing needs to abide by Harvard Standards.

➢ Use 1.5 spacing and Times New Roman or Arial typeface only.

Plagiarism and collusion will be heavily penalised and may result in failure of the assessment and/or module and/or exclusion from the University.
Work not correctly referenced (including data sources) will be capped at 40%.
Work must be submitted to TurnItIn as required or your marks will be withheld.


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